Would you like to share an illustration, encyclopedic capsule from InSight or article from the blog with your friends? It’s easy to do with the following tools.

A brief summary of the most popular tools

Facebook: Facebook lets you stay in touch with friends and share images, articles and photos as well as your impressions, ideas and thoughts – basically anything you wish. You can also click on the Facebook “Like” button to notify your friends that you like a web page.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional social network; it is an excellent platform for putting people in contact or helping them find information in a particular field.

Twitter: Use Twitter to keep your contacts informed of your daily activities, information that drew your attention or websites that interest you, in real time.

Digg: Digg is a tool for finding and sharing interesting content from anywhere on the Web. The best results found are submitted to a vote by users, who determine the importance and value of the information.

Delicious: With Delicious you can add bookmarks to your favorite sites. You can also create your own directories, organize your bookmarks and search through the most popular bookmarks, making it easy to find Internet resources that are useful and relevant to you.

Blog this: If you have a blog, this tool may interest you. Whether to inform your readers about a particular subject or simply share an image that you like, just follow these three easy steps to integrate content from in your blog:

1. Consult the page of the site where the image that you would like to integrate in your blog is found
2. Click on the (“Blog this” button)
3. Copy the HTML tag that is displayed and insert it in your blog at the spot where you want the image to appear